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Happy Customers

       Here are a few happy and satisfied customers: Mike and Marie Tordone with the kids itching to get on the road with their new acquisition, a 1997 993 Porsche Cabriolet. The second Porsche purchased from Pristine.
       Here we have a surprise Birthday gift from Mrs. Haag to her surprised and very happy husband Forrest - a 2003 Silver C4S with 800 miles on it! Are there any more women out there like this? I'm single!
       Here is Peter Leibrick and his fiancee Teresa picking up their 1997 Blue 993 Cabriolet. (All of their cars are blue)
       Gloria with her new 1972 911T Targa.
       The Brad Pierce family with their newly acquired 1991 Turbo Carrera.
       CJ with his newly aquired 1990 C4Cab.
       Dick Hoole and myself with his newly acquired 1988 red Carrera coupe.
       'Tony Cincotta' and his newly acquired 1988 black Carrera coupe.
       Here we have Dave and Sheila Bohman getting ready to take Sheila's newly purchased 911 T coupe out for a road trip. Sheila bought and paid for this car herself and plans to get involved in Porsche club events. (Her M3 may be history after this...and so may Dave). Just kidding!
       John Broding with his very cool 1996 993 Carrera C2 Cabriolet.
       This is Adriano and his wife Patty, new customers and friends from Canada with their newly purchased 1987 Turbo Carrera with only 9500 miles.
       This is Mike Love of the Beach Boy's, with his pretty wife and ...is that ..no it can't be, taking delivery of their Ferrari.
       Dr. John Henry leaving for Idaho with his 2002 carrera Cabriolet.
       This is the famous lebanese actor Josef Abdul picking up his 993 Cabriolet. Keif halac Josef.
       Meet Alan O'Hara with his recently acquired 89 speedster. This is one of 800 speedsters built and it's just like it was in 1989. Is he a happy customer...you bet!
       John Risvold (Gloria's husband) R Gruppe member, having a great time out at California International Speedway (Fontana) in his 73 911E/RS 'Pristine Motorsports' prepared coupe.
       Jeff Cook, another R Gruppe member getting ready to 'hit the track' out at Fontana so he can 'break-in' his new Pristine paint job
       "Noly" with his 1999 996 cabriolet. Noly came from San Diego to buy this really nice 996 cab with 20" alloys and only 44k miles. Noly has a fine car and the porsche has a great home.
       Meet Darren Hess with his first Porsche, a 1988 Carrera Cabriolet. Darrens driving up hwy 1 for his first Porsche adventure. Atta boy Darren.
       Pat Devine a long time customer and Porsche affectionado is shown here with his very cool and handsomely equipped 2005 C4S Coupe. I want to say that Pat is one lucky guy, but then again we make our own luck don't we?
       Don Ramsey is not new to Porsche, but now that the kid's are grown he's decided to circle back and capture some old memories with a 993 Cabriolet. Well Porsche has evolved to ABS, Power Steering, airbags, 295 h.p.6 spd transmission, 18" alloys, A/C that really works. Welcome back Don!
       Meet R Gruppe member John Dilger with his 'pristine motorsports' prepared 71 S. There is much fun to be had by all. You just need the right Porsche. And that's where we come in. Call or drop in to see what's available in early SWB or LWB racer's 'ready to race' or we can build you one....
       Meet 'Huck' with his 1989 carrera. Huck is a general contractor that builds very high-end, magazine cover kitchens, expecting the same quality of service as he gives in his profession. This car was nice when we sold it to him and now its 10 times nicer (not to mention a whole lot faster). We completely went through his 3.2L engine bringing the H.P. up from 210 to 250.
       Joel...that lucky guy! Here he is the new and proud owner of this 89 speedster with only 20k miles. Formerly owned by 'Fabio', this car is a diamond. Joel is shown here with his neice Shiela getting ready to drive a 'stick' again (with shelia's help) after drivng only automatics for the last 30 years.
       Meet Duffy, a stand up guy that actually has purchased two (2) Porsches from us in the last two years. (He traded up so to speak). He has gone from a 993 Cabriolet to a 993 Coupe 'just for the change' and is very excited, as we are.
       Dan McGowan picking up his long awaited 930 Turbo with 415h.p 3.5L ass stompin pony's waitin to get out!
       Don and Carmelita Muridan with their (her) new 2002 C2 tiptronic cabriolet. Look at that smile on her face. This is the best and lovingest couple.
       Meet Kevin Vilensky (the better looking of the two) getting the keys to his new 87 Cab. Kevin's a 'Body Guard to the Stars'. Here he's seeing stars with his low miles black/tan first 'real' Porsche!
       This is the Brian and Deborah Forward family picking up their 1972 911T Targa. The very unique and very original 911T has been a joy to service and pamper for the last 4 years and it feels like were losing a member of the family as it's heading for San Diego. However it could not have gotten into better hands we feel.
       Meet the good reverend Peter St. Don a standup man, a friend and a good long-time loyal customer. He fell in love with a 993 'tip' cab and is now a member of the Porsche Community. I've never seen a man's temperment change so drastically and so quickly as Peter's after his first week-end with his Porsche Cabriolet.
       Meet Greg Lindner, my kinda guy. Greg purchased this outstanding 1988 Porsche Cabriolet as his first venture into the world of Porsche and he hasn't stopped smiling. The porsche not only fulfills a long time dream but also serves as therapy for Greg.
       FATHER OF THE YEAR! Guess who got his first Porsche as his first car for his sixteenth birthday? Conner Gaulke that's who! I guess getting good grades as well as being a good person pay's off...of course having outstanding parents helps....
       Prince Abdu from Damascus with the 2nd 993 he purchased from us!
       Bill Swanson and Yvonne Robertson with their new 98 C2S. What a car and what a nice couple. Can't you just feel their excitement?
       Richard and Angela with their 'hard fought for' 2002 Porsche C2 Cabriolet! A fantastic couple too!
       Dr. Ron Mangiamelli and his wife Nancy with their newly acquired 1986 Carrera coupe. The couple switched from VWs to the 'real thing' and just look at the smiles on their face's!
       Meet the Petersons: Brett, Emma and Chase with their resently purchased 2002 996 carrera, black/black/black with all the bells and whistles. This is their first Porsche and I'll bet not their last. (and wait til Mom finds out!)
       Meet Mike and Kristi Bare, here to pick up their 1958 vintage speedster all the way from Kansas. They are very excited and so are we!
       Matt Cahn with my very special (to me) R1200GS BMW, the best bike I've ever owned. Oh well it's in great hands with Matt an ex HB motor cop and he's going to take it on adventure rides which I never made the time to do!
       Meet Ben, 77 years young and about to enjoy his first Porsche 930...no more Pantera's for Bennie. He got the hang of it in 20 minutes and the last I saw him he was heading south on PCH...Go Ben!
       Michael Praddock with his 996 Cpe a Christmas present to himself..way to go Michael
       Meet the Fleishmans' Mark and Stephanie with their 18th Porsche, an 1987 Carrera Coupe. The trio are on their way up the coast to San Francisco...look at them are they happy....?
       Long time customer Bob Stellrecht stops by to show me his new GT2...I call him Mr. Lucky. I just don't think there's a finer car built for the street.
       Me and Sonny celebrate Ed's new 2008 Cayman Design Edition Porsche (it matches his brothers)
       Eric with his 02 cab was dissapointed his cabrio top malfunctioned the 2nd night he owned his Porsche. While there is no warranty on used Porsches we attacked that repair immediately and had Eric smiling before the sun went down
       Meet Huey with his 'just purchased' 99 Boxster in 'cobalt blue' Huey is a happy camper as well as a happy customer
       Meet Gregory Walker from Salt Lake City after just picking up his 09 C4S PDK in black black black he's had a good year and now it's going to get even better...(that's Gregory on the left)
       Bill Messenger, with his 02 996TT X50 Porsche...one lucky fellow...can you tell he's happy?
       Meet Scott Fleener a very happy camper with his newly acquired 1986 '930-look' (M941) His very first Porsche and he struck gold...can you tell?
       Meet Mr. Steve Trella Esq in his newly acquired GT3. As Steve knows from owning Porsches in the past and attending hi-performance tech sessions including driving schools, this is a 'special' uniquely optioned and barely driven 'trac car' for the street...doe's he look happy....
       Billy and his lovely wife Lori whom he 'say's' he bought this beautiful 2004 996TT Cabriolet for....but I'm not so sure...they're an Arizona couple and I'm sure they'll have lots of fun driving in my beautiful former State with great mountain roads and sceanic highways
       Mickie Grey and me finalizing the deal on Mickies newly acquired C4S with 15.4K miles on it...he's happy look at that smile
       Mr. Konst Mroncz and Dick with his 2003 996 in cobalt blue coupe. He loves the factory aero kit and blue high lights in the interior
       Kevin just purchased this beautiful C4S and we're both pretty excited...the blackend wheels are his idea making this fat bad boy fatter and badder yet
       Meet Mr. Eugene Holmes ESQ the proud new owner of a 1996 Porsche 993 Coupe. His first and this is a nice one....no no no that's not Brad Pitt next to him it's just me